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File: 1475800425108.jpg (182.31 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot (306).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: d0922d4b41 No.45711[Last 50 Posts]


Anyone got something from this site? They have some special videos for which you need to pay. Any experience or better links?
Someone has some oops moments of the ladies?

ID: 61c2ab9a11 No.45716

Hey man i love Legslavish too but its not that great unless you really like a particular girl or have a pantyhose fetish.

That said a couple of models have done other work like Bonnie and Nicco Noire for instance: www.indexxx.com/models/111882/bonnie-bellotti/

Also this guy has a bunch of videos saved in playlists from the legslavishExclusive site(which is a bit more risque) but its still just a pantyhose review site so there's not really any nudity.



There was a thread over at /mod/ where a helpful user uploaded all of the Legslavish Exclusive vids of Gabrielle, Bonnie, Hannah and Natalie to mega. i'd help you out but my internet is complete shit.

If any helpful dude out there could upload all of Sadie, April and Nicco Noire from the exclusive site i'd really appreciate it.

ID: d0922d4b41 No.45947


ID: 730339a13a No.45949

Thanks for the heads-up and thanks, 61c2ab9a11, for the playlists. I'd forgotten about legslavish since they went down the "exclusive" route. Always wondered if they had any Helena (the big titted awkward blonde with a pretty face) on the exclusive side.

ID: e650f62256 No.45952


i'm that helpful dude from the other thread. i will post everything i got on those 3 tomorrow.

ID: c8bbf6733d No.45963


yeah they have 2 vids of her on the exclusive site:



i was actually subscribed to the site at the time and i remember all the comments complaining that her 2 videos were too boring and not hot enough for the exclusive site. Most of the exclusive members were under the impression that LLE was going to be a softcore tease site an impression that Legslavish never actually gave.

But it seems they have come to terms with idea that most of their subscribers are male and are fapping to their videos. They have been moving more to that that sort of softcore content. Recently girls that are primarily glamour models have joined. they're far more willing to lift up their outfit to show us how they fit.


along with actual lingerie reviews:

and bikini reviews: www.instagram.com/p/BIOTl71ByCy/ (yeah it was the fat one but you still would)

ID: 730339a13a No.45984

And please Helena too if that's at all possible! Even if it's tame.

ID: e650f62256 No.46036


All 4 girls requested can be found here:

ID: 0183cf1073 No.46054


Awesome! Thanks dude

ID: 730339a13a No.46092

Oh man you are a superstar! Thanks so much!

ID: 73477822e0 No.46098

File: 1476185722559.jpg (102.87 KB, 1080x1080, dd.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Would appreciate some Rhianwen, she does pole dancing but haven't been able to find any of her dances..

Here's a couple vids of her;

ID: d0922d4b41 No.46105

more mega nz links would be very welcome!

ID: 936b84461e No.46335

Any solid resource for exclusive videos of Dee?

ID: d0922d4b41 No.46534

File: 1476492530528.png (1.95 MB, 1593x895, Screenshot (324).png) ImgOps Google

Anyone has more of the girls?

Found this:

youtube DOT com/watch?v=koGrlU7Q-qc&list=FLFCHDJ8-85NGSsKdw3Fu_Xw&index=9

Is this pussy?

ID: 730339a13a No.46537

On the vid, it definitely looks like it. Pussy through very sheer panties.

ID: ef55d625d8 No.46555


Damn son got any more links?

ID: 73477822e0 No.46559


Her porn name is Ariel Anderssen

ID: e820dd33e6 No.46566

survey dont click…

ID: d0922d4b41 No.46567

> Ariel Anderssen

does she only do bondage?
thats not really my cup of tea…

ID: d0922d4b41 No.46701


ID: d0922d4b41 No.46795

does someone has the mega link of all of the Legslavish Exclusive vids of Gabrielle, Bonnie, Hannah and Natalie?

ID: e650f62256 No.46864

Here are Bonnie, Hannah and Natalie.


ID: 500410d9f6 No.46945

There are a few playlists with legslavish videos on youtube:









ID: 730339a13a No.46979

Thanks, man. Quite a few of those in there are fresh to me.

ID: fc3d60500b No.47115


ID: d0922d4b41 No.47218


ID: d0922d4b41 No.47296

Bump please

ID: d0922d4b41 No.47580


ID: 07028abaf2 No.47596

Does anyone the link to this video or downloaded it?>>45711

ID: d0922d4b41 No.47698


just type the title into youtube. it should pop up as it is a free video

ID: d0922d4b41 No.47971


ID: d0922d4b41 No.48127


ID: d0922d4b41 No.48287


ID: d0922d4b41 No.48515

please bump

ID: 6076a96d83 No.48634

Legslavish Exclusive began around a year ago.
Legslavish THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL is now also charging for some videos.
I complained and it became clear they are now two very separate operations, and don't seem to get on very well.
Exclusive has gone down the Kallie Kaye/softcore from around the world route.
If you're in love with Rhianwen its not worth your money.

Plus none of them have the old Kat video they made actually private. There was this Kat video, if anyone has it i'll give anything, cleavage heaven omg.

ID: 6076a96d83 No.48637

"Kat tries Leg Avenue fishnet stockings" is the one. It was here /watch?v=mBYHISXHlQc

ID: d0922d4b41 No.48679

they set all but one video of bonnie to private, too. thats why you can´t find the video of the screenshot in the first post anymore. such a shame

ID: 4e34329e8e No.48759


ID: d0922d4b41 No.48947


This is a playlist of the newest exclusive videos. At least I have not seen them before. Some are pretty boring while others are pretty exciting.
I especially recommend Jocelines videos. I have know come to the conclusion that she doesn´t wear panties while doing these videos. In the stocking video there is very brief flash but it is too short to see something clearly. In the second video one can see her pussy and pubic under her pantyhose. At to that the shot which is featured above.
Of course she is an adult model so it is nothing out of the ordinary to see her like this. Nevertheless I enjoy this very much.

ID: 730339a13a No.48973

Thanks, man!

ID: 58ff257c21 No.48981

bump for more exclusives! pref stream over download..

ID: 58ff257c21 No.49059

bump for more vids or prem content!

ID: 107fb1ed06 No.49146


A Lottie video was uploaded earlier today (15/11/16) and the description (not the video) has a link to a new project, Legslavish Elite.


There's a link to a mailing list for news and exclusive access to what sounds like old but unseen videos.

The names they mention are Alicia, Antonia and Natalie.

The website is clearly very new, and the messages a bit confused. It says join now for access to never-before-seen videos of their most popular presenters, but then immediately below it says join now for access to exclusive "tribute" videos of the presenters named above, and there's no confirmation to acknowledge your email address being accepted.

Also, thanks @48947, the playlist is real.

ID: 107fb1ed06 No.49148


The Legslavish Elite news has been in the description of every video since the Sara video from 8/11/16, I just hadn't noticed the description.

A google search of legslavishelite.com shows a page for Mary.

The following text appears in the search result but does not appear on the page
"You need to be a Full Member to see this content. GET PREMIUM ACCESS TO. subscribe now!"

ID: d0922d4b41 No.49155

would be great if you keep us up to date if this site is any good

ID: 107fb1ed06 No.49163

There is a playlist posted by 48947. I've looked through the other playlists on this channel.
I think they may have the vast majority of Exclusive videos in their other playlists.

The playlists contain videos from many channels. Almost all Legslavish Exclusive videos have EXCLUSIVE in the name at the end, so you can save time by viewing the entire playlist (make sure to scroll to the bottom and click 'Load more' if the playlist has 100+ videos) and search for the word exclusive.

There are around 150 playlists on the channel at the moment.
When one gets quite big, they start another.
As you would expect, this makes them chronological. And the channel is active.

In September they started a dedicated Legslavish Exclusive playlist (as posted by 48947). They have just started a second.

There is a lot here. A laaat. Check out playlist 139, for example.

ID: fd32296067 No.49275

bump for more joceline brooks.

ID: d0922d4b41 No.49498

let´s bump it up again

ID: fd8d743b7d No.49506


Damn Sophia is super gorgeous. Not to mention Kallie Kaye.

ID: c9bcee5278 No.49631


ID: 147b5bde84 No.49796


ID: 58ff257c21 No.49810

b for more pics / vids

ID: 147b5bde84 No.49990


ID: 147b5bde84 No.50115


ID: af554627b8 No.50208


ID: 8626a31300 No.50320


ID: 8626a31300 No.50473


ID: b22f8835ab No.50491


ID: f961bec0e9 No.50620

anyone got more Jaceline exclusives?

ID: 94b1a0f276 No.50680

Bonnie appears on mature.nl listed as Lucy V

ID: 87a20209f6 No.50736


now we just need this video.
if you didnt already know she also uses names: bonnie bellotti and jen

ID: b22f8835ab No.50781


ID: f06d225222 No.50998


ID: b3acfb2436 No.51136


ID: b22f8835ab No.51209


ID: 2512eb5d51 No.51272


Bonnie's on the site too, but nowhere near as erotic.

ID: 6421bfd24b No.51487


ID: 6421bfd24b No.51601


ID: 6421bfd24b No.51687


ID: f8a37bc644 No.51701


ID: 71bbd9c6f4 No.51705

Again, Sophia Smith is over the rest. Kalie Kaye is pretty great too.

ID: b6eafa179c No.51713

Sophia Smith, Kalie Kaye and my favorite Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

Sophia Smith and Joceline Brooke-Hamilton video:


Joceline Brooke-Hamilton Studio Photography:


Sophia Smith HairyPussy


ID: 71bbd9c6f4 No.51751

Oh, that's quite surprising. They didn't exactly look like angels but i couldn't expect this.

Thanks man.

ID: 6421bfd24b No.51910


ID: 6421bfd24b No.52009


ID: f8a37bc644 No.52149

Anyone got any Kallie Kaye?

ID: 6421bfd24b No.52180

News about their new elite site?

ID: 71bbd9c6f4 No.52183


Her instagram is pretty interesting.

ID: 6421bfd24b No.52318


ID: 6421bfd24b No.52639


ID: 9d28e4c74c No.52745


ID: cbe1159009 No.52830


ID: 6421bfd24b No.52910


ID: 6421bfd24b No.53091


ID: 4a6eb736f9 No.53116


ID: 6421bfd24b No.53538


ID: 6421bfd24b No.53614

ID: 6421bfd24b No.53731


ID: 6421bfd24b No.53790


ID: 6421bfd24b No.53841


ID: 6421bfd24b No.53910


ID: 2c4b9f4ab9 No.53912

Just got their new email and it details a few things:

Launch date 1 January

Will be 9.99 pounds a month or 24.99 for 90 days without recurring membership

rebecca will do bikini reviews as well as other models (not detailed)

Gogglebox Style videos

A store to buy items the models have reviewed

site will have a forum and polls

There will be 350 reviews when the site launches

"Sadie who now has her own special series called “Story” Videos. These are an absolutely mind-blowing collection of, dare we say, erotic videos where we really put some products through their paces. We would NEVER get away with showing these on Youtube!"

ID: 6421bfd24b No.53962

i am excited. will someone post this stuff here please?

ID: 6421bfd24b No.53996


ID: 22ddf478b4 No.54098

many videos which used to be available on the regular youtube channel are disappearing or being made private, and are now listed on the respective model's page on the Elite site.

some of what you are paying for seems to be videos which were previously free. not great.

the website seems very glitched at the moment, i'll wait for things to settle into working order myself. and for any actually new content to appear.

ID: 85920eb037 No.54156


here's sadies story

ID: 44c0ec22d8 No.54160


ID: 71bbd9c6f4 No.54170

Thank you. She's by far my favorite.

ID: 6421bfd24b No.54232

nice post

would love more of them vids.

ID: 6421bfd24b No.54277


ID: 3f36fb8e4f No.54290


ID: 36f33ecdbc No.54353

Anything on Antonia?

ID: a7f9662fdb No.54413

I dont think Antonia has been a part of Legslavish for a while now, her old vids are still up tho

ID: d417af5412 No.54462


ID: 6421bfd24b No.54531


ID: 6421bfd24b No.54595


ID: 3f36fb8e4f No.54612


ID: a7f9662fdb No.54614

Really wish she would do some squats lol ass is flatter than a cutting board

ID: a7f9662fdb No.54617

Starting to like this new girl, but I have to mute the audio when I watch her videos lol

ID: a7f9662fdb No.54667

You guys know Sadie has some modelling nudes out there right?

ID: 44c0ec22d8 No.54687


ID: a7f9662fdb No.54701

File: 1483788725634-0.jpg (103.77 KB, 492x1080, 55dcf94b41f61.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1483788725634-1.jpg (179.84 KB, 800x554, 55dcf971ad6d1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1483788725634-2.jpg (180.18 KB, 800x562, 55dcfad40ad3b.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1483788725634-3.jpg (44.46 KB, 720x1080, 55ee1ad0aab1c.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Ask and you shall recieve

ID: 44c0ec22d8 No.54721

Awesome! what name does she model under? who's the photographer?

ID: 6421bfd24b No.54754


Is she even wearing panties? Looks very nude down there.

ID: 71bbd9c6f4 No.54760

Thanks! And i thought she couldn't get more awesome.

ID: a7f9662fdb No.54793

I assuming she was wearing nude panties

ID: a7f9662fdb No.54794

Eh I kinda wanna keep that secret, I dont want too much attention to come to it just in case she uploads normally

ID: 6421bfd24b No.54817


ID: 3f36fb8e4f No.54882

Videos anyone?

ID: 6421bfd24b No.55081


ID: 3f36fb8e4f No.55098


ID: 85920eb037 No.55110


ID: a7f9662fdb No.55113

Thank you very much!

ID: 6421bfd24b No.55141


ID: a7f9662fdb No.55143

Wow just found some topless photos of Rebecca :D

ID: 43ddac91e4 No.55153

wow i just found some of your mum

ID: a7f9662fdb No.55197

How are they?

ID: a7f9662fdb No.55233

File: 1484176895656-0.jpg (258.71 KB, 667x1000, 111463-a1479157505561.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1484176895656-1.jpg (53.07 KB, 640x960, 1537958_7551508.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Here you go btw

ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.55278


ID: 74c64801e9 No.55327


ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.55374


ID: 74c64801e9 No.55405


ID: a7f9662fdb No.55424

found sophies yt and starnow, has some nice revealing pics but no nudes :( channel/UCOQYuaDSBALXt-wIUtVUOvg/

ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.55481


ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.55576


ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.55703


ID: ab8b3e7a3b No.55812

File: 1484522953293.jpg (209.29 KB, 600x900, April.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

April win.

ID: a7f9662fdb No.55841

Hot damn, good work!

ID: a7f9662fdb No.55843

File: 1484552502516-0.jpg (47.27 KB, 493x740, claire-rammelkamp-24.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1484552502516-1.jpg (78.48 KB, 739x491, claire-rammelkamp-10.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1484552502516-2.jpg (48.69 KB, 493x740, claire-rammelkamp-25.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1484552502516-3.jpg (52.33 KB, 514x740, claire-rammelkamp-26.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1484552502516-4.jpg (51.58 KB, 493x740, claire-rammelkamp-27.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I dont know if anyone remembers claire from legslavish

ID: 74c64801e9 No.55844

We need some video links

ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.55847

it is gone. as is the whole Playlist. Anybody has something ne from their new ellite servce?

ID: a7f9662fdb No.55848

Yeah unfortunately LL took down the Story Playlist so unless someone whos paying for elite posts the links were fucked

ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.55984


ID: be3e0bdea4 No.56082

File: 1484702871555-0.jpg (259.65 KB, 601x900, 5jf685d85.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1484702871555-1.jpg (351.1 KB, 900x600, 4j5a.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

More April

ID: c043c0afa2 No.56092

Did anybody manage to DL those story videos?

ID: 74c64801e9 No.56105


ID: a7f9662fdb No.56136

Yeah, here you go :)

ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.56170


ID: d1b0ea4b12 No.56345


ID: 74c64801e9 No.56346

Playlists anyone?

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